Leiden Translation Talk by Sonia Vandepitte on Quality in Translation.

Interested in Quality? The Leiden Translation Talks series invites you to join us for our next lecture on Wednesday 29 April 2020 at 15:00 hrs (Leiden time). Our invited speaker Sonia Vandepitte (Ghent University) will talk about “Translation quality: creating whose balance?”.

Join us on this online live session via this link: https://smart.newrow.com/#/room/wlk-375. Please check beforehand that you are able to open the link. No software installation is needed. 

About the speaker:


Sonia Vandepitte is a full professor at the Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication at Ghent University, director of the Master of Translation programme and head of the English section. She teaches English, translation studies, translation into and from Dutch and has experience with coaching student translation companies. Publication topics include metonymic expressions in translation, translation competences, international translation training projects and translation and post-editing processes. She is currently involved in reading and translation processes of translation problem-solving. She is also investigating peer feedback and other collaborative forms of learning in translation training.

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