Leiden Translation Talk by Rita Menezes on Revising subtitles

Interested in Revision of subtitling? The Leiden Translation Talks series invites you to join us for our next lecture on Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 15:00 hrs (Amsterdam time). Our invited speaker Rita Menezes (subtitler, lecturer and PhD student at Lisbon University) will talk about “When it comes to revising subtitles… From practice to theory and back again”.

Join us on this online live session via this link: https://smart.newrow.com/#/room/wlk-375. Please check beforehand that you are able to open the link. No software installation is needed.

You can now watch the recorded session here: https://video.leidenuniv.nl/media/t/1_lwe4mxgp

About the speaker:


Rita Menezes is a researcher at University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies, CEAUL/ULICES, and is currently working on her PhD dissertation in Translation Studies, specialisation in Audiovisual Translation.
She has a BA in Translation and Interpretation in 2001 and a MA in Relationship Marketing in 2016. Rita has been a professional translator and reviser specialised in Audiovisual and Marketing; since 2002, she has been working with high profile clients in subtitling, quality control and transcreation. She has also been involved in translator’s training since 2014.
Her main research interests are Subtitling, Revision and Quality Control, Cognition and Creativity.

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